About this training

Completion of this course qualifies for expert on Aircraft Accident Investigation.

This 4 week training course covers classroom lectures, workshops, technical visits and a qualification test.

  •  To be knowledgeable about all aspects of the professional practice, both in a national and international context, of an aircraft accident investigator, covering civil as well as military, light and heavy weighted, fixed and rotary winged aircraft.

All civil and military personnel involved in an aircraft accident investigation process.

A thorough knowledge of the aviation system is required before attending this course.

  • Basics on accident prevention: the accident mechanism, systemic causation, safety investigation.
  • Regulatory aspects: International, European organization, jurisdictional and litigation aspects.
  • Planning and readiness: accident response plan, preservation of evidences.
  • Investigation of the accident scene: the wreckage, aircraft systems, FDR, CVR, fire investigation, power plant, fluid sampling (analysis), fracture analysis, wreckage removal, aircraft records and operational status.
  • Investigation of environmental factors: airport facilities, meteorology, etc.
  • Investigation of organizational factors: operations, flight planning, resources management.
  • Investigation of human factors: personnel records, injuries and death causation.
  • Witness interviews and group communication: limitations of witnesses statements, inter-individual communication, communication styles, obstacles to communication. Practical exercises and role playing sessions.
  • Analysis and sequence of events: investigation report (findings, SR, etc.).
  • Technical visits: voice and data recorders laboratory, metallurgy and chemical laboratory.
  • Case studies: reconstruction of accident investigation.