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Bloodborne Pathogens Protec. Osha Regul. Bloodborne Pathogen 29 CFr1910.1030 - BBP-En
Duration: 3,5 hours    |   Language: English    |   Location: Paris or within your premises
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Bloodborne Pathogens are micro-organisms present in blood or other body fluids that can cause diseases to human beings through physical contact.

Bloodborne Pathogens training is mandatory for individuals who might be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials in an accident site.

  • To be familiarized with “Bloodborne Pathogens”.
  • To be trained who are at risk, how to protect themselves, how to behave on an accident site.
  • Biohazards associated with aircraft accident investigation.
  • Procedures to control exposure to Bloodborne pathogens in an accident investigation.
  • Modes of Bloodborne pathogen transmissions.
  • Exposure control plan.
  • Recognition of biohazards.
  • HBV vaccination.
  • Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Exposure incidents.

All Accident Investigators and personnel having access to an accident site or in contact with materials coming from the site.