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Fatigue Risk Management System - FRMS
Duration: 3 days – 18 hours    |   Language: English    |   Location: Paris or within your premises
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Fatigue is a determining factor in safety. Fatigue Management is a way to improve the operations’ safety. This evolution is based on the implementation of a “Fatigue Risk Management System”.

This course proposes a theoretical Knowledge on fatigue and the necessary steps to implement a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).

  • To understand regulations and obligations inherent in fatigue management. Developing knowledge on the fatigue factor and its management.
  • Principles and assets for the implementation of a FRMS.
  • Regulatory references: ICAO, EASA, national regulations.
  • Theoretical basis of fatigue and its management: fatigue, vigilance, sleep, circadian rhythms, sleep inertia, fatigue factors in flight operations, strategies for managing fatigue.
  • Fatigue Risk Management System principles: fatigue management policy, fatigue management tools (hazard identification, quantification of the risks, strategies to master fatigue), maintaining safety (respect of safety objectives, constant improvement of fatigue management), promoting safety (training on fatigue and communication).
  • Case studies.

This training is intended for executive officers engaged in safety-related activities: air force, airline operators, air groups in public sector, supervisory authorities, members of professional organisations, insurers, jurists, experts.