Human Factor

Joël Guilloteau

Mr Joël GUILLOTEAU started his career in the French Air Force as helicopter pilot on Alouette, Puma and Super Puma. Fascinated by human relationships and by the understanding of human factor in aeronautics, he applied for and was selected to follow a three year training in psychology at the Sorbonne…

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Jean-Pierre HENRY

Jean-Pierre Henry has been an IFSA lecturer since 2012. Combat Navigator flying the Mirage 2000D since 1997, he has participated in numerous operations. His duties as Airbase Safety Officer (ASO) allow him to set up and manage tools such as Human Factors Analysis & Classification System (HFACS), Crew Resource Management…

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Olivier Mairesse, MPsy, PhD, holds a degree in Clinical Psychology (cum laude, 2002). His research focused mainly on cognitive information integration and psychometrics in the field of sleep research. MPsy, PhD, holds a degree in Clinical Psychology (2002) and obtained his PhD in Psychological Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel…

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