IFSA Institute

The French Institute for Aviation Safety

Since 1987, The French Institute for Aviation Safety (IFSA) provides training services to staff and executives involved in all areas of aviation safety: Prevention, Investigation and Risk Management. Depending on the training required, from once day to four week training are proposed to aeronautical specialists and aviation supervising authorities.

Attendees are provided with practical tools and adequate methodologies (Reason Swiss cheese model, HFACS, Bow tie, SHELL, SRK, etc.) to better achieve their prevention goals or to give new aims to the flight safety strategy of their company, airline, civilian or military organization.

Each course, whether delivered in French or English, includes approximitely 5 to 20 participants  from different specialities and organizations allowing them to share their experiences a much as possible and foster a climate favorable to the improvement of safety culture.

As of  December 31st, 2019, IFSA has trained more than 10 000 attendees from 106 different countries.