About this training
Aviation Accident Investigation Techniques (fixed wing) - AIT
Duration: 2 weeks – 60 hours    |   Language: English    |   Location: Paris or within your premises
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Extending the training into Safety Management System, the AIT course enables to better understand and to carry out an aircraft incident or accident investigation.

This course is one of the 4 modules of the series to qualify as an expert on Aircraft Accident Investigation.

  • To have a practical and up to date training about an aircraft accident investigation (fixed wing), international regulations, preliminary measures, investigation of events and causes, report writing.
  • To fully understand an investigation process and roles of expert board members.
  • Basics on accident prevention: the accident continuum, the sequence of events and the accident mechanism, systemic causation.
  • Aviation accident investigation: International and European regulations.
  • Investigation techniques: accident response and crisis management, individual and organizational preparation, wreckage and site investigation, recorders and non-volatile memories, investigation of aircraft systems and instruments, Investigation of fire, report writing and safety recommendations.
  • Visits to investigation laboratories: FDR, CVR, chemical, metallurgy and workshops.
  • Case study.

All personnel who can be occasionally involved in an aviation accident investigation: aircraft, engines and equipment manufacturers, airlines, civil and military aviation supervising authorities, airport managers, air traffic controllers, insurers, lawyers and other experts specialized in aviation matters.