About this training
Investigation Data Collection and Processing - IDCP
Duration: 4,5 jours – 27 heures    |   Language: English    |   Location: Paris or within your premises
Session dates:
From June 05 till 09, 2023
2 100 excl. VAT
Session dates:
From December 04 till 08,2023
2 230 excl. VAT

This course proposes practical technics to enhance information collection and processing in the scope of Safety Management Systems.

IDCP is one of the 5 modules of the series to qualify as an expert in SMS and one of the 4 modules of the series to qualify as an expert in Aircraft Accident Investigation.

  • To use the appropriate techniques when interviewing aviation accident or incident witnesses, and – when leading working groups or meetings within the scope of prevention or investigation.
  • Introduction to witness hearings: limitations of witnesses statements, inter-individual communication, adaptive communication styles, obstacles to communication, concordance and discordance, territories and zones, nonverbal communication, body and facial languages, installing and maintaining a witness motivation, managing an interview session, active listening and facilitation, coping with silences and transactions, discussion and questioning techniques.
  • Introduction to group communication: meetings and working groups, installing group dynamics, synergy, collective problems solving and decision making.
  • Numerous practical exercises and role playing sessions with video assessment.

All personnel involved in the aviation safety process within the framework of SMS, either in charge of conceiving and conducting an accident prevention programme or managing risks, taking part in an aviation accident or incident investigation, or having to obtain safety information from individuals or from groups