About this training
Flight Safety Officer - FSO
Duration: 4 weeks – 108 hours    |   Language: English    |   Location: Paris or within your premises
7 610 excl. VAT
Session dates:
From May 27 to June 21,2024
Session dates:
From November 18 to December 13,2024

Combining the five modules: ISMS + HF + IDCP + PS + SRM, FSO offers a comprehensive training. Participants are qualified as advisors to their management to implement and to run/administrate aviation Safety Management Systems and to participate in or to conduct incident investigations.

  • To be able to implement and administer an SMS within an organization, by understanding the basics and tools of Safety Management Systems.
  • To have the essential knowledge covering the whole of the items relating to the safety in flight and on the ground of the civil and military, fixed wing and rotary wing, aircraft.
  • To be able to animate the function of Flight Safety Officer or SMS Manager within his organization by the missions of Advice, Analyze, Surveillance and Promotion of safety.

All personnel involved in the aviation safety process: manufacturers, air forces, airlines and air work operators and managers, pilots, engineers, controllers, staff and executives of civil and military aviation administrations, airport managers, members of professional associations, insurance companies, lawyers and aeronautical experts.

Multinational course, English intermediate level (B1/B2).

  • Introduction and implementation of Safety Management Systems: see leaflet (ISM).
  • Human Factors in the prevention and investigation process: see leaflet (HF).
  • Investigation Data Collection and Processing: see leaflet (IDCP).
  • Problems Solving and decision making techniques: see leaflet (PS).
  • Safety Risk Management: see leaflet (SRM).